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Expertise and Supplies

ENHOLCO has been supplying equipment and servicing the oil, gas, exploration and process Industry in the Asia-Pacific Region with a range of products, parts and services. Our capabilities cover a wide range of exploration and process industries like oil & gas, processing and treatment, refining, chemicals, petrochemicals, oleo chemicals and utility processes.

Over the years, ENHOLCO has been working on projects, supplying and supporting the up and down stream requirements by supplying its products and services in the Asia Pacific region.

Through our well-versed Principals and ENHOLCO’s qualified Service Team quality and thorough knowledge is supported and guaranteed.

The areas of expertise and equipment supplied are:

  1. Supply of Equipment and Parts to Oil & Gas, Exploration, Mining and Process Industry
  2. Rotating Equipment, centrifugal pumps and turbo machinery.
  3. Process equipment, pressure vessels, columns heat exchangers etc.
  4. Boiler and combustion technology.
  5. Packaged process equipment.


  • Rotating Equipment
  • Process Equipment
  • Boiler and Combustion Technology
  • Packaged Equipment
  • Rig Systems, Products and Parts
  • Cooling Systems


We are actively operating in the following countries on a direct basis and/or through representatives and associates:

  • Singapore
  • Malaysia
  • Brunei
  • Vietnam
  • Cambodia
  • Thailand
  • Indonesia
  • Thailand and Laos
  • Australia and New Zealand

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